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    Did you know the average person over the age of 25 loses nearly a half a pound of muscle every year.

    Well, lets get back some of those muscles! Loss of muscle is an unavoidable part of the aging process. However, the rate at which this loss occurs is affected by our activity level. Muscle is important! It burns calories, raises your metabolism, it allows you to move and feel strong and energized.
    Just 15-20 minutes of strength training, three times per week on our strength training programs will help you gain back some of that lost muscle and dramatically improve your strength and energy levels. Whether your a beginner,intermediate or advanced strength trainer wanting a new program or trying to get over a plateau FITSITE.COM has the answer. We will show you the proper Principles, Fundamentals and Techniques to achieve your goals in an effective and safe manner with our exercise library Click here AND MUCH, MUCH MORE..... For membership information.Click here


    Enhances Body Composition - Strength training increases your lean body mass and decreases your body fat percentages.

    Increases Metabolism - An increase in your lean body mass results in an increase in metabolic activity.For every 1 pound of muscle gained you burn approximately 50 more calories a day.

    Enhances Fat Burning Mechanism - With an increase in lean body mass, additional fat can be burned during exercise.

    Improves Muscle Tone - Muscle definition increases which makes you look and feel younger.

    Prevents Injuries - Increases in lean body mass can reduce stress placed on the joints such as the knees, hips and back.

    Enhances Sports Performance - Stronger muscles and improved coordination lead to better performances in sports and recreational activities.

    Improves Posture - Increasing the strength of the back muscles can help to prevent or correct any back problems you may have.

    Enhances Bone Density - Strength training helps to minimize the decline in bone density (osteoporosis). After the age of 30 women experience bone loss of about .7% - 1% per year.

    Postpones The Aging Process - Research has shown that individuals at any age can increase muscle strength through a regular routine of strength training exercises.


    Use the tables below to see how you match up against other people of your age and gender.But, don't worry if you don't score well because it doesn't matter where your starting from just as long as you improve.
    Men do the so called Military push-ups, with your legs out straight and toes on the floor. Women do the non-military with your knees bent on the floor. Lower your body to the floor until your chest touches or almost touches the floor. Keep your back straight as possible and abdominals(stomach) tight then return and repeat the process for as many times (reps)as you can
    AGE:    20-29    30-39    40-49    50-59    60+
    Excellent    55+    45+    40+    35+    30+
    Good   45-54   35-44   30-39   25-34   20-29
    Average   35-44   25-44   20-29   15-24   10-19
    Fair   20-34   15-24   12-19   8-14   5-9
    Low   0-19   0-14   0-11   0-7   0-4
    AGE:    20-29    30-39    40-49    50-59    60+
    Excellent    49+    40+    35+    30+    20+
    Good   34-38   25-39   20-34   15-29   5-19
    Average   17-33   12-24   8-19   6-14   3-4
    Fair   6-19   4-11   3-7   2-5   1-2
    Low   0-5   0-3   0-2   0-1   0

    Lie on your back with your hands to your side or crossed on your chest. bend your knees with your feet flat to the floor. Curl your neck, head and shoulder blades upward till your shoulder blades are just off the floor (keep your neck straight as possible and look up to the ceiling). return to the floor and repeat the process for as many times(reps) as you can.
        AGE:   Under 35     36-45     Over 45
    Excellent      60      50      40
    Good      45      40      25
    Marginal      30      25      15
    Needs Work      15      10      5
        AGE:   Under 35     36-45     Over 45
    Excellent      50      40      30
    Good      40      25      15
    Marginal      25      15      10
    Needs Work      10      6      4

    Below are commonly asked questions and the answers to them. If you have any questions please email us at

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