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      Intensity can be defined as the amount of your momentary ability to perform an exercise. It is the amount of difficulty you experience during the exercise

      Just like anything else, the more you put into things the more you get out of it. The harder you train the more results you will see. Just as long as you're training the proper way and not over doing it. Intensity is the most crucial and most important factor to success in your training.

      Increasing intensity happens when you add additional weight than normal, train faster, cutting down the time inbetween sets. Most of all, working to total positive failure is the best way for applying intensity to your workout.This assures the proper fatiguing and deep muscle fiber breakdown to assure an effective workout.

      There is definitely a difference in the amount of training intensity needed for beginners, intermediate and advanced individuals.If you are just starting out you will not need additional intensity in your workouts. Just getting through your workouts will be enough for you. Intermediates will have to experiment and find a level of intensity that works for them in order to make results. AS for the advanced individuals, they must train with a tremendous amount of intensity for the ultimate in fitness development.

      The more advanced you become the harder it is to make gains. Forced reps, supersets, negatives, and descending sets are ways to increase you intensity.

      Regardless of your training intensity, always remember to use the proper strict form while exercising.

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