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        IMPORTANT! Before considering a carb depletion/carb loading cycle, consult your doctor before attempting it. It can very dangerous to your health.

      Carbohydrate depletion and carbohydrate loading is a 6 day cycle that starts 6 days out from a bodybuilding competition, running race or other sports activities. It starts with the first three days lowering your carbohydrate intake down to as low as 50 grams (eg;Small baked potato) per day. Then the last three days out from the event you carb load. As high as 100 grams per hour right up to the event. When followed properly the process creates tremendous results that are quite amazing. Bodybuilders have come in super lean with incredible muscle fullness and vascularity and runners and other athletes have performed to their optimum abilities due to the incredible sustained energy it releases

      Bodybuilders want to be very careful in this process because it can have a disappointing backfire to it and some contestants have actually entered looking like a smoothy (Retaining water). It should be experimented with about a month out from the show to be sure it will work for you. It's not for everyone. Bodybuilders will have to purchase ketone strips to be sure they are in a state of Ketosis and sterilized plastic containers that are available at most drug stores. Simply urinate in the container or place in your urine stream while urinating and match up the color it turns into with the chart that is included with the ketone strips. This assures them that their bodies are running on nothing but the little fat left on their bodies. They should also consume distilled water (Sodium Free)to prevent water retention, potassium, and workouts that consist of very light weights and high repetitions. You will find that the workouts are very hard to accomplish due to the effects of the depletion, so you might have to subside to supplements like MCT Fuel which you can find at your local Nature Way or GNC.

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