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  • V E R S A C L I M B E R

    Muscles worked: Legs, hips, lower back and abdominal

    Instructions: Versa climbers have a reputation of being quite an animal when it comes to aerobic workouts. But, don't let it fool you. You can easily adjust the step height, arm motion, speed and tension to any level to suit your needs. It is used by many athletes and is popular with people that have bad knees that like to climb.

    (1) Start out with small, quick strokes to warm up.Climb up on the foot pedals and grab the handles.Warmup for 3-5 minutes to get used to the movement then adjust the speed and arm movement to a comfortable speed and tension.

    (2) Practice good climbing posture. Keep your back straight and your torso parallel to the machine. Keep your body from fully stretching out to prevent your foot from hitting the floor, your knees and elbows from locking out, and your back from over arching.

    Note Keep in mind that a vertical mile is not the same as a mile on a treadmill or the road. There is a lot more intensity to climbing straight up hill. So take it easy and don't over do it.

  • Don't hunch over. Keep your back and torso parallel to the machine
  • Don't over stretch.
  • Don't over do it.

    Alternate exercises: Stair stepper, rolling stair climber

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