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    Muscle worked: low-impact aerobic workout that is especially good for your legs.

    Instructions: Treadmills are, by far, the most popular piece of aerobic equipment. That's because walking and running are the most "natural" exercise you can do.

    Using a treadmill takes some getting used to, but most people enjoy the rhythmic movement of walking or running. These movements are also much easier to do for long enough periods of time to be beneficial aerobically, and can be adjusted to be easy enough for someone just starting out, and challenging enough for even an athlete.

    Always start slowly. Place each of your feet on each side of the belt as you turn on the machine. After you have started the machine and the belt is moving slowly, step on the belt and adjust your speed to a slow comfortable pace until increasing the intensity.

    Expect to feel disoriented. The first few times you use a treadmill, you will feel dizzy when you get off. You amy actually feel like you are gliding across the floor. Don't get alarmed, it is just your body getting used to sudden stop of the floor movement.

  • Do not let unsupervised children operate the treadmill.
  • Do not jump on or off the treadmill while it is running.
  • Do not rest water bottles or cups on the treadmill.
  • Do not stand or position your feet under the unit.
  • Do not run in bare or stocking feet.
  • Do not rely on the handrails. After getting used to the machine, let go of the rails as soon as you get used to the movement and feel of the machine.

    Alternate exercises: Street walking

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