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    Muscles worked: Hamstrings

    Stand next to the lever arm of the machine so that it is to the right of your leg. Hook your right heel under the roller pad attached to the lever arm. Stand with your left leg on the platform, which will keep your your body elevated for your right leg to clear the steel plate when performing the movement. Curl your right leg up using your hamstring muscle as high as your leg will go. Pause and hold there for one second and contract your hamstring and return in a slow controlled motion to the starting position. Perform all your reps on one leg, then switch sides and do the same on the other.
    Note:Some standing leg curls will not have the little platforms built on top of the bigger platform you stand on. Just perform the exercise in the same manner. If you have to you can take and stand on a 25 lb. plate to elevate you.
    Don't jerk the weight up. Perform the motion in a slow, controlled manner. This will keep your hamstring properly isolated.

    Alternate exercises: Leg Curls, Lunges

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