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    Muscles worked: Calves

    Place a aerobic platform or wooded platform on the floor close to a wall or something you can hold onto while performing the exercise. Get a dumbbell and step up onto the the platform, placing your toes and balls of your feet at the edge of the platform. With the dumbbell in your right hand, left hand placed somewhere to keep your balance, move your left foot behind your right foot, where it will stay throughout the exercise. Stand erect with your knee just slightly bent and your back straight. Next, moving only your foot and ankle, lower your heel towards the floor until you reach a comfortable stretch. Raise your foot back up as high as you can go onto your toes. Pause for one second and hold, contracting your calves. Repeat for the number of reps assigned. Then repeat on the left side.
    Note Incline bench presses with a platform attached to the back of them are a good place to perform this exercise.
    Don't jerk the weight up. Use a slow controlled movement. Don't bounce the weight as you lower your heels. Use control, this will prevent injuries.

    Alternate exercises: Standing calf machine raises, leg press calf presses, donkey calf raises, seated calf raises, smithmachine calf raises

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