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    Muscles worked: Calves

    Grab onto the handles of the standing calf machine and step up onto the platform. Kneel down and place your shoulders under the padded arms of the machine. With your knees still bent, position your toes and the balls of your feet at the edge of the platform. You should set your feet shoulder width apart and point your toes forward. Straighten your body and raise the padded arms up until your knees are just slightly bent. This is your starting position. Next, moving only your feet and ankles, lower your heels towards the floor until you reach a comfortable stretch. Raise the weight back up as high as you can go onto your toes. Pause for one second and hold, contracting your calves. Repeat for the number of reps assigned.
    Note:Use a slow controlled, concentrated motion.
    Don't jerk the weight up. Use a slow controlled movement. Don't let your legs fully straighten. This will prevent knee and back injuries.

    Alternate exercises: Leg Press calf raises, Dumbbell calf raises, smithmachine calf raises, seated calf raises, donkey calf raises

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