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  • S T A I R  S T E P P I N G  M A C H I N E

    Muscles worked: Legs, hips, lower back

    Instructions: To get the most benefit from exercising with the stair stepper, You should stand upright and lightly grasp the handrails, using them only for balance while stepping. Many users reverse their grip on the handrails, lean forward or hunch over, and prop themselves on the handrails or electronics panel, Supporting their upper body with their shoulders and wrists. This poor posture prevents you from developing strong back muscles and decreases the actual workout intensity by at least 20% because your leg muscles are not supporting your full weight.

    As with climbing stairs, you 'Must lift Your feet about 6.5 inches to 8 inches each step to exercise your leg, buttock, and back muscles using the stair machine. People who take tiny steps or step with their tip-toes exercise their calves but not their thigh and buttock muscles. The amount of calories burned depends on how much you involve the large muscle groups, such as the thigh and buttock muscles, in aerobic exercise. Using a complete stride of 6.5 inches to 8 inches with upright posture burns the most calories.

    Note Keep your entire foot on the pedals and off your toes. This helps your buttocks and thighs get a full workout and prevents your calves from burning out.

  • Don't hunch over. Stand upright with a slight forward of the hips
  • Don't grip the handrails real tight. Keep your hands relaxed.
  • Don't reverse your hand grip and lean on them.
  • Don't pedal on your toes. Keep your entire foot on the pedal.

    Alternate exercises: Rolling stair climber, Versa climber

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