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    Muscles worked: Deltoids

    Place a flat bench press or a bench with a back support attached to the back of it, in between the uprights of the smithmachine. Position the bench so when you sit down your shoulders joints are directly under the sliding weight bar. Reach up and take an overhand grip, setting your hands about 2-3 inches wider than you shoulders on each side. Press the bar up and at the same time rotate the bar back towards you to clear the hooks on the bar from their attachment holes. (Be sure to rotate it in the opposite way to attach it back when done with your set). Next, being sure to keep your elbows back, lower the bar until it touches your upper chest lightly. Push the bar back up to straight arms length and repeat.
    Note Keep your back straight throughout the entire movement. You can also do this exercise bringing the bar behind your neck. You will have to move the bench a little more forward in order for you shoulders to be comfortable. Or you can alternate in between reps from the front to the rear. Either way you choose you are working the deltoids. More rear deltoids are stressed than any other part of the deltoids.
    Don't jerk the weight up. Use a slow controlled movement. Don't bounce the weight off your chest or shoulders. This will only cause injuries. Don't allow your elbows to drift forward, this will take the stress off your rear deltoids. Don't let your torso drift backwards or forwards during the movement.

    Alternate exercises: Dumbbell shoulder presses, Barbell shoulder presses,

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