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    Muscles worked: Deltoids

    Grab a barbell with an overhand grip and press it over your head. Lower it onto your trapezius muscles and sit down on a flat exercise bench press, or a bench that has a back support attached to it. Be sure to place your hands about 4-6 inches wider than each shoulder. Press the bar up directly upward from your shoulders to straight arm's length. Lower the barbell back down to the point where the edge of the barbell touches the top of your trapezius and repeat.
    Note Keep your back straight throughout the entire movement. You can also do this exercise in a standing position. Standing will allow you to use more weight. Sitting makes the movement more strict, making it harder to press heavier weight. Your gym may also be equipped with a shoulder press bench press. This makes maneuvering the barbell around much easier.
    Don't jerk the weight up. Use a slow controlled movement. Don't bounce the weight off your trapezius and deltoid muscles. This will only cause injuries. Don't allow your elbows to drift forward, this will take the stress off your rear deltoids. Don't let your torso drift backwards or forwards during the movement.

    Alternate exercises: Dumbbell shoulder presses, Smithmachine shoulder presses,

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