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  • S E A T E D   R O W  (XERTUBE)
    Muscles worked: latissimus dorsi muscles

    Sit down on the floor and place your feet out in front of you with your legs slightly bent. Wrap the xertube under your feet then over the top of your feet and over the tube. Next, grab the handles and bring them under the tube towards you. Slowly sit up straight and at the same time pull the handles back into your mid section. Be sure to use your back muscles and not your arms. Concentrate on your back pulling the tubes towards your mid section. As you pull the handles towards you be sure to keep your elbows in tightly to your side. Hold the peak for one second and slowly return into the starting position and repeat.
    Note If you are not getting enough resistance with the xertube you are using, try a larger tube.
    Don't jerk the tube forward rapidly. Use a slow controlled motion. Don't let your leg straighten while performing this exercise. Don't lean to far forward or too far back, this robs your back muscles of receiving the stress it needs from the movement.

    Alternate exercises: Pushups

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