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  • S E A T E D  O N E - A R M  P U L L E Y  R O W S
    Muscles worked: latissimus dorsi muscles

    Attach a cable crossover handle to the end of the cable on the seated row machine. Next, grab the handle with your right hand and sit back on the seat of the machine. Brace your right foot on the restraint foot bar. Keep your right leg slightly bent throughout the movement to keep the stress off your lower back. Place your left foot on the floor. Place your left hand on your left hip and keep it there throughout the movement. Start with your right arm extended out in front of you with your hand twisted so your thumb is facing the floor. Next, at the same time while leaning back, twist your torso slightly and pull the handle back twisting your hand so your palm faces your side. Slowly, lean forward into a full stretch back to the starting position.
    Note This exercise involves torso twisting, so you must perform the exercise slow and carefully.
    Don't jerk the weight toward you. Use a slow controlled movement. Don't let your leg straighten while performing this exercise. it can cause lower back injuries

    Alternate exercises: machine seated rows

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