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  • S E A T E D  L E G  C U R L S
    Muscles worked: Hamstrings

    Position yourself on the seated leg curl machine with your feet on the roller pads. Be sure to align your knees up with the rotating pivot joint of the machine. Adjust the back pad forward or backward for the proper alignment to your knees. Place your hands on the handles that are provided on th side of the machine. Keep your head relaxed and your back flat against the back pad. This is your starting position. Bend your knees and curl your legs down as far as you can go. Hold for a brief second while contracting (flexing) your hamstrings. Return to the starting position in a slow, controlled manner and repeat.
    Note:You can do all your repetitions with one leg or you can alternate legs throughout the set. Use the handles to keep your body down flat on the seat.
    Don't let your head look down. Keep it up to help maintain balance. Don't let your back round. Keep it straight to help take the stress off your lower back. Don't bend your arms. Keep them straight and relaxed to keep stress off your biceps and lower back.

    Alternate exercises: Leg Curls, Lunges

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