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  • R O L L I N G   S T A I R   C L I M B E R

    Muscles worked: Legs, hips, lower back and abdominal

    Instructions: A stair climber is a good machine if your looking for a more advanced way of climbing stairs. A set of stairs rotates in a circle continuously as you walk from step to step.

    (1) Start at a very slow speed.Get used to the height and movement of the steps before increasing your speed. This is one machine you can easily slide off of if you can't maintain your speed. You adjust your speed by the handle attached to side of the machine. Simply push it up and down to adjust the desired speed

    (2) Get to know your display panel. Pay attention to the display panel and it's instructions.It will show you how many flights of stairs you have climbed. Any questions, be sure to ask a staff member for some guidance.

    (3) Keep your posture straight and hands relax. Don't hunch over and grab the railings tight. Keep your hands relaxed and your back straight. Note Keep your entire foot on the stairs and off your toes. This helps your buttocks and thighs get a full workout and prevents your calves from burning out.

  • Don't hunch over. Stand upright with a slight forward of the hips
  • Don't grip the handrails real tight. Keep your hands relaxed.
  • Don't reverse your hand grip and lean on them.
  • Don't pedal on your toes. Keep your entire foot on the pedal.

    Alternate exercises: Stair stepper, Versa climber

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