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    Muscles worked: Medial Triceps (Rear part of the triceps)

    Attach one of the cable crossover handles to the end of one of the cables running through the overhead pulley. Once attached, grab the bar with your right hand with a underhand grip. Place your feet a comfortable distance apart, about 6-10 inches away from the bottom pulley. Bring the handle down to your thigh with your arm straight. Press your upper arm against your side and keep it there throughout the entire set. Lean slightly forward at the waist keeping your back straight. Keeping your wrist straight, let the weight move you hand up to to your upper chest. Push the weight back down in a semicircular arc using your tricep muscles back to your thigh. Hold there for one second and contract your tricep. Repeat for the number of reps assigned. Do the same on the other side for the same number of reps.
    Note You can also do this exercise with an over hand grip. The exercise is performed the exact same. Besides your hand grip. This isolates more outer triceps.
    Don't push the handle straight down. Be sure to push down in semicircular arc to be sure to isolate the triceps. Don't let your elbows move outward to your sides when performing the exercise. Keep them against your sides throughout the exercise.

    Alternate exercises: Tricep Kickbacks (DB)

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