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  • O V E R H E A D  T R I C E P  E X T E N S I O N S
    Muscles worked: Triceps

    Grab a dumbbell so your palm rest against the underside of the dumbbell where the handle meets the attached weight. Raise the weight over your head at straight arms length and sit down at the end of a flat exercise bench. Place your feet firmly on the floor to brace your upper body while performing the exercise. Keeping your elbow pointing upward at all times, slowly bend your elbow and lower the dumbbell to the rear of you in a semicircular arc as low as you can go. Reverse the movement and use your tricep to return to the starting position. Hold there for one second and contract your tricep. Repeat for the number of reps assigned.
    Note You can also do this exercise while standing, although it puts less stress on your triceps.
    Don't let your torso lean back while performing this exercise. Keep it straight throughout the entire movement. This will be sure to fully isolate your triceps. Don't cut the movement short, work in the full range of motion. Don't jerk the weight up. Use a slow controlled movement.

    Alternate exercises: Overhead tricep extensions (BB)

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