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  • O U T W A R D  C A B L E  K I C K S
    Muscles worked: Sides of the hip and upper thighs

    Attach a padded cuff to your right ankle, position it so the ring is facing in towards your left leg. Attach the cuff to a floor pulley such as the cable crossover machine. Position yourself so that your left side is a few feet away from the pulley. Stand with your back straight and your left hand braced on something to keep your body balanced. Let your right hand hang down, or place it on the side of your hip. Slowly move your right leg outward as high as possible. Hold there and contract for one second and slowly return to the starting position and repeat. Switch legs and do the same number of reps.
    Note:Keep in mind that the exercise is called a outward cable kick, this does not mean to thrust your leg out quickly. Use a slow controlled movement.
    Don't allow your toes to point out to the side when performing the exercise the movement. Keep your foot pointing forward throughout the exercise.

    Alternate exercises: Hip abduction

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