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    Muscles worked: Biceps

    Machine curls are a lot like preacher curls. Most bicep machines are designed like a preacher bench. Sit down on the bicep machine and position your arms straight over the pads. Keep your chest against the pad throughout the entire movement. Be sure to adjust the pad so your arms are hanging over it straight comfortably. Grab the curling bar attached to the machine with a underhand grip. Do not hold the handles tightly. Keep your hands relaxed throughout the entire movement. Being sure to keep your wrists straight, use your bicep muscles to curl the weight up under your chin. Contract your biceps at the top and hold there for one second. Slowly reverse the movement back down until your arms are at straight arms length and repeat for the number of reps assigned.
    Note Keep your back straight throughout the entire movement.
    Don't lean back as you curl the weight. Use strict form throughout the entire movement. Don't let your elbows slide to the outside of your shoulders. Keep them in front of your shoulders to keep your biceps isolated.

    Alternate exercises: Dumbbell and barbell preacher curls

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