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    Muscles worked: Abdominal

    Position the height of the seat so your shoulders are level with the upper part of the machine pads. (Some machines will have a colored dot on the machine located at about mid section level. Be sure to adjust the seat so the dot aligns up with your navel.) Hook your feet behind the padded crosspieces and grasp the handle above your shoulders. Next, using your abdominal muscles, curl your upper body downward in a semicircular arc towards your knees. Hold this position for a second and return to the upright position just before the weights of the weight stack touch. Repeat for the number of reps assigned.
    Note Keep your abdominal muscles flexed at all times. There are different kinds of machine crunches. They all work in the same manner. Just be sure to position yourself on them properly. Directions are usually provided on the machine. If you do need help, be sure to ask a staff member.
    Don't grasp the handles tightly. Keep your hands very relaxed at all times. Let your abdominal do the work. Don't turn your head in any direction. Keep it straight and relaxed throughout the entire exercise.

    Alternate exercises: Floor crunches

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