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  • I N C L I N E  B O A R D  C R U N C H E S

    Muscles worked: Abdominal (Upper and Lower)

    Instructions: Sit on the incline sit up board and place your feet under the cross pads attached to the front of the bench with the pads on your shins. lean back and place your back against the bench behind you. Place your hands behind your head and neck and keep them there throughout the entire exercise. Using your abdominal strength, curl your shoulders up and off the bench towards your knees. Keep your head absolutely straight looking upwards throughout the entire exercise. When you have reached a point right before the resistance gets easier, pause there for one second and contract your abdominal. Lower yourself back down until your back is about 4-6 inches off the bench and repeat for the number of reps assigned.
    Note By keeping your back above the bench at all times keeps your abdominal muscles fully isolated at all times. Letting your back come back down to the bench, let's your abdominal rest until you have risen from the bench again.
    Don't pull your head up with your hands. This can cause neck injuries. Use your abdominal muscles to raise your back off the bench. Don't bend your neck. Keep it straight throughout the entire movement.

    Alternate exercises: Floor crunches

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