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  • H A N G I N G  B E N T  K N E E  R A I S E S

    Muscles worked: Abdominal

    Instructions: If you have elbow straps at your gym, stand on a stool beneath the chinning bar and slide your arms through the straps far enough to bend your arms and grab the upper parts of the straps.(If straps are not available, then jump up and take a shoulder width apart grip.) Bend your knees slightly and keep them that way throughout the entire exercise to protect your lower back. Use you abdominal muscles to slowly raise your knees upward and in towards your chest. Slowly lower your knees and repeat for the number of reps assigned.
    Note You will find that if you are hanging by your hands, your body will start to sway. Have a training partner or someone that is nearby to hold your hips lightly as you do the exercise.
    Don't do this exercise with your legs completely straight. This causes a lot of stress on your lower back. keep your legs sightly bent. Don't jerk your legs up, use a slow, controlled movement at all times.

    Alternate exercises: Vertical bench knee raises

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