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    Muscles worked: Lower abdominal

    Lie on your back on a gym mat or the carpet of your floor. Place your hands underneath your buttocks for support. Keep them there throughout the entire exercise. Keep your head relaxed on the floor throughout the entire exercise. Raise your legs about 12 inches of the floor with your feet together. This is your starting position. Next, raise your feet up about 6-8 more inches then back down to the the starting position. Keep this motion going for the number of reps assigned.
    Note You can also this on the edge of a flat exercise bench. Position your buttocks on the edge of the bench with your hands hanging on the edge of the bench. Perform the exercise in the same manner.
    Don't raise your head up while performing this exercise. Keep it relaxed on the floor to prevent any neck injuries. Don't perform this exercise with your legs completely straight. This puts to much stress on your lower back. Keep your knees slightly bent.

    Alternate exercises: Seated leg raises

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