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    Muscles worked: Lower back, quads, hamstrings, buttocks, trapezius

    For this one, you need to have a belt. Load up a barbell either on the floor or on the outside edge of a pair of squat rack handles so that you can pick up the weight and step back. Grab the weight with an overhand (palms towards you) grip. Keep your arms straight throughout the movement. Look up. Keep your back flat. Bend your knees and lower the weight until it rests on the ground. Push up with your legs and bring your back up to a vertical position at the same time. Don't bend your arms at this stage or any other. Put the weight back down and do it again repeat for the number of reps assigned.
    Note Try to lift the weight up as high as possible without leaning backwards at the top of the movement.This exercise is extremely hard and must take careful concentration and strict form.
    Don't jerk the weight up. Use a slow controlled movement. Don't pull the bar up until your back is flat. Keeping your back rounded can cause serious back injuries. Use only your leg muscles while picking the weight off of the floor.

    Alternate exercises: T-bar rows

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