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  • C L O S E  G R I P  L A T M A C H I N E  P U L L D O W N S
    Muscles worked: Upper and outer part of latissimus dorsi muscles

    Attach a close grip parallel hands handle to the end of the cable at the top of the lat machine. You may have to Adjust the height of the restraint pads of the machine so you squeeze comfortably under them and they keep you firm on the seat. Do this by simply pulling the pin back or out from underneath of the seat and position it properly. Next, grasp the handles with a overhand grip and pull it down, and at the same time sit down on the seat with your knees under the restraint pads. Fully straighten your arms and relax your middle back muscles to stretch your lat muscles. Arch your back and pull the handles down using your lat muscles until it touches your upper chest at the base of your neck. slowly return to the starting position and repeat for the number of reps assigned.
    Note Keep your elbows back far as possible throughout the entire movement. You may have to arch your back and lean back a little further than the lat machine pulldown. It is important to keep your back arched.
    Don't jerk the weight down. Use a slow controlled movement. Don't forget to keep your back arched. keeping your back straight robs your lats of fully developing.

    Alternate exercises: Lat machine pulldown

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