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    Muscles worked: Lats, rear deltoids, biceps and forearms

    Jump up and take an wide over hand grip on a chinning bar. If your gym has a chin assist machine, you may want to use that if you are not strong enough to pull up your body weight. These machines are excellent in developing strength for pullups. Place your hands about 4-6 inches wider than your shoulders on each side. Bend your legs in a 90 degree angle, cross your ankles and maintain them this way throughout the movement. Fully straighten your arms and let your lats stretch out. Next, pull yourself up to the bar until your nose reaches bar level. Be sure to pull with your lats. Do this by keeping your elbows back far as possible. Return back down to the starting position and repeat for as many reps as you can do.
    Note Keep your elbows back far as possible to get your lats involved as much as possible.
    Don't perform this exercise unless you can do at least 6-8 chins on your own. Turn to the chin assist machine if this is the case. Don't swing while performing this exercise, try and keep a slow controlled motion steady. If you have to have someone hold your feet.

    Alternate exercises: Chin assist machine

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