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  • C A B L E  C R O S S O V E R S
    Muscles worked: Lower, outer, and inner sections of the chest

    Grasp the handle hanging from the top of the cable-crossover machine on one side, then step over and grasp the other handle on the other side. Position yourself midway between the pulleys and slightly forward of the pulleys. Set your feet comfortably apart parallel to each other, or with one a bit in front of the other. Bend your arms slightly and keep them rounded throughout the movement. Allow the weights attached to the cable to pull your arms up directly to the pulleys. Next, with your palms facing the floor, use your pectoral strength to move your hands downward and slightly forward till they meet each other 6 inches in front of you. Contract your pectorals together in this position for one second and return slowly back into the starting position. Repeat for the number of reps assigned.
    Don't stand too far forward. This puts to much stress on your shoulder joints. Don't perform the exercise to fast and abrupt. Use a slow controlled movement throughout the entire movement

    Alternate exercises: Pec deck

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