Muscles worked: Triceps

Sit down on the xertube so it is positioned under your glutes. Grab both of the handles together with both hands behind your neck. Keep your knees bent in front of you and your back straight. Keeping your elbows pointing upward at all times, slowly extend your arms up in a semicircular arc until they are straight. Pause there for one second and contract your triceps. Reverse the movement and repeat for.
Note If you are not getting enough resistance with the xertube you are using, try a larger tube.
Don't let your torso lean back while performing this exercise. Keep it straight throughout the entire movement. This will be sure to fully isolate your triceps. Don't cut the movement short, work in the full range of motion. Don't jerk the handles up. Use a slow controlled movement.

Alternate exercises: Tricep pushdowns XT,

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