Muscles worked: Biceps

Wrap the xertube around each foot once to shorten and increase the tension of the tube. Take a seat on the edge of a bench or seat. Spread your legs some and position the elbow of the arm you're working on your thigh. Hold the handle in between your legs and allow the shoulder of the working arm to be pulled forward so that your torso is slanted towards your legs. Use your free hand to stabilize yourself by pressing on your other leg if needed. Curl the handle all the way up to your chest and rotate your wrist so your pinky twists up towards your face and contract your bicep at the top of the movement. Reverse the movement and repeat. Switch to the other side and repeat the exercise for the same number of reps.
Note If you are not getting enough resistance with the xertube you are using, try a larger tube or wrap it around your feet twice.
Don't let your torso lean backwards or forwards during the movement. Keep your back straight throughout the entire exercise. Don't forget to turn your wrist at the top of the movement.Don't swing the handles up quickly. Use a slow controlled movement.

Alternate exercises: Bicep curls XT ,

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