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Gym Directory
Gym Directory
Welcome Gym Owners,
  Being a part of Online Fitness Systems allows you a great opportunity to reach the largest health and fitness audience online. Online Fitness Systems continues to generate more and more hits per day, and gain members from all parts of the world.

The Interactive Gym Directory makes you more readily accessible to new members and others looking for your Gym services. Further, it allows you to get on the Internet at a lower cost.

Pick a Plan below today!

Plan 1- Plan 1 includes a free text listing of your Business name, Address, City, State, Zip Code, and Phone number. It does offer you exposure, but, members and people looking for your services cannot click on your name and receive more details about you and your Fitness Facility.
Price- Free Join Here
Plan 2- Plan 2 includes adding a URL(i.e: www.companyname.com) link to your text listing. It is designed for people that already have an existing website. It is a great way of increasing traffic, revenue, and members, to your website.
Price- $25.00 per year Join Here
Plan 3- Plan 3 includes your own website created and hosted for you by Online Fitness Systems. Your Company name is added to our Gym directory, then linked to your own site with information about your Gym, location, membership fees, and services. It gives you the opportunity to gain access and exposure to the World Wide Web in a fast, easy and affordable way.
Price- $50.00 per year Join Here

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