T R I C E P  K I C K B A C K S

Muscles worked: Triceps

Grab a light dumbbell, stand to one side of a flat bench. If you are working your right arm then you would stand to the left of the bench, put your left knee and left hand on the bench for balance and lean over so that your back is running above the bench parallel to the floor. Raise your right elbow to your hip and let your forearm and hand hang straight down, making sure you keep your palm facing inward towards your body throughout the entire set. Using your triceps strength to slowly straighten your arm, move the dumbbell in a semicircular arc to a position level with your shoulder joint. Hold and contract your tricep muscle at this peak for one second before returning the weight to the starting position. Repeat for the number of reps assigned. Switch to your other side and repeat the process for the same number of reps.
Note You can also do kickbacks with both arms at the same time by holding a dumbbell in each hand and standing with your feet close together and your torso held parallel to the floor.
Don't jerk the weight up. Use a slow controlled movement. Don't let your back round. Keep it flat throughout the entire exercise.

Alternate exercises: Lying tricep extensions (DB)

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