S H O U L D E R  P R E S S  M A C H I N E

Muscles worked: Deltoids

Sit down on the shoulder press machine and be sure that your seat is adjusted so your shoulders are just below the push bars of the machine. Cross your feet and keep your back against the back pad. Place your hands about 4-6 inches wider than each shoulder. Press the bar up directly upward from your shoulders to straight arm's length. Lower the handles back down to the starting position and repeat.
Note Some of the newer machines are designed to where the seats are low enough to rest your feet on the floor. So you won't have to worry about crossing your feet. The shoulder press machine is a good way to learn the shoulder press before turning to free weights.
Don't jerk the weights up. Use a slow controlled movement throughout the exercise. Don't turn your head while exercising. This can cause neck injuries.

Alternate exercises: Dumbbell shoulder presses, smithmachine shoulder presses, Barbell shoulder presses

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