S E A T E D   C A L F  R A I S E S 
Muscles worked: Calves, Soleus

Sit down on the seat of the seated calf machine and place your toes and the balls of your feet at the edge of the platform. Next pull the padded crossbar across the tops of your knees. You might have to adjust the height of the crossbars by adjusting the pin located on the post of the crossbars. Push the crossbars up by raising up your toes and release the stop bar by pulling back to you. This is your starting position. Next, keeping your back straight raise your toes up as high as they can go. Hold for one second and contract your calves. Lower the crossbars down forcing your heels into a complete stretch. Repeat for the number of reps assigned.
Don't jerk the weight up. Use a slow controlled movement. Don't bounce the weight as you lower your heels. Use control, this will prevent injuries.

Alternate exercises: Standing calf machine raises, Dumbbell calf raises, smith machine calf raises, leg press calf presses, donkey calf raises

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