R E A R  C A B L E  K I C K S
Muscles worked:Glutes, upper hamstrings

Attach a padded cuff to your left ankle, position it so the ring is on your shin. Attach the cuff to a floor pulley such as the cable crossover machine. Position yourself so that your facing the pulley. You should be standing back, away from the pulley far enough so you have resistance on your leg. Brace your upper body to keep it from moving throughout the movement. Keep both legs straight . Slowly move your left leg directly to the rear and upward as high as you can comfortably go. Hold this peak for one second and slowly return your leg in a slow, controlled movement and repeat. Switch legs and do the same number of reps.
Note:Keep in mind that the exercise is called a rear cable kick, this does not mean to thrust your leg out quickly. Use a slow controlled movement.
Don't use a jerking abrupt motion. Jerking can cause damage to your back and joints. Use strict form.

Alternate exercises: Hip adduction

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