B A R B E L L  C U R L S

Muscles worked: Biceps

Grab a moderately heavy barbell with a underhand grip about shoulder width apart. Stand with your legs slightly bent and feet in a comfortable position. Because of the tendency people have of arching their backs on the last few reps of a set, using a belt is recommended. Being sure to keep your wrist straight throughout the entire movement, use your bicep muscles to curl the weight up in a semicircular arc from your legs up to a position under your chin. Contract your biceps at the the top and hold there for one second. Slowly reverse the movement back down until it slightly touches your legs and repeat for the number of reps assigned.
Note Keep your back straight throughout the entire movement. Also keep your upper arms pinned to your side and keep them that way throughout the entire exercise. Keep in mind that the ez-curl bar places more stress on your forearms than your biceps. This is caused by the way the ez-curl bar positions your hand where your thumbs are pointing inwards.
Don't let your torso lean backwards or forwards during the movement. Keep your back straight throughout the entire exercise. If you are having problems keeping your back straight, try pressing your back against a wall or lessening the weight.

Alternate exercises: Cable barbell curls,

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