A lot has been written lately about the benefits of Antioxidant supplements. But what is an "antioxidant" exactly? First, let's take a step back and ask what an "oxidant" is and why we would want to use an "anti" oxidant.

Oxidants are Free Radicals which are produced naturally in the body and have a vital function. And free radicals are molecular fragments with unpaired electrons that aggressively destroy other molecular compounds thus potentially damaging cells and even the DNA (genetic information) of the cells. An example of Free Radical damage to cells is old looking and wrinkly skin caused by Ultra Violet (UV) rays from the sun. These UV rays dramatically increase Free Radical production.

Skin cancer is a rather severe expression of Free Radical overproduction caused by UV light. Free radicals commit their damage through the process of "oxidization". Nutrients that deter "oxidation" of free radicals are known as "antioxidants".

Free radicals fight off viruses, disease and disease carrying organisms. The problem is when free radicals become too prevalent in the body and the natural balance between them and antioxidants in the body is disturbed. Considering that free radicals are caused by emotional and mental stress, radiation, environmental pollution and heavy metals that may be in our food and water many people caught up in modern living are certainly out of balance.

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