DHEA (Dehydroepiandrosterone)

   DHEA is produced by our own adrenal glands and is the most dominant hormone in our body. Dr William Regelson, the most noted of DHEA researchers, calls it the Mother Hormone because our body converts it upon demand into whatever hormone it needs, such as estrogen, testosterone, progesterone, and coriconsterone. Blood levels DHEA peak around age 20. DHEA is the only hormone that declines in a linear fashon in both sexes, making it one of the most reliable markers of aging. By age 80, blood levels are only 5% of what they were at age 20. The decline of DHEA signals age-related diseases.

In a study on 5,000 apparently healthy women, it was discovered that of the women that had blood levels of DHEA of less than 10% of that expected for their age group, and had subnormal DHEA levels up to nine years before their cancer was diagnosed. 100% developed and died of breast cancer. 100% of the women with higher than the average levels of DHEA remained cancer free. Other researchers picked up on this observation, and gave DHEA to rats who were inbred to develop breast cancer. DHEA blocked it!

DHEA appears to be the first substance that when laboratory tested, causes the loss of fat (as opposed to mere weight loss due to the breakdown of lean muscle tissue or fluid loss) without changing eating habits!

DHEA also has been shown to improve memory in clinical studies!

Until 1994 this was only available in a synthetic form and only through doctors. But now it is available in all natural form and without a prescription!

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